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A hundred years ago, vintage motorcycles started thundering through villages worldwide and the fate of the village blacksmith was sealed forever. Preachers may have railed against the ‘devil’s transport’ for a while and, of course, many people retained their horse-and-cart at first: the rag-and-bone man still called once a week when I was a kid in the 1950’s. But progress is a railroad snaking across the Wild West and we can’t stop it. We adapt.

Older vintage-enthusiasts have slowly been grasping modern technology. The internet is the new railroad. Having mastered mobile phones and GPS Sat-navs over the past few years, some are now adapting their skills to the computer.
As we learn to use online software how many more of us will find our own voice? Will there soon be as many online vintage motoring magazines as there are vintage vehicles?
I hope so, because that’s a good way for our hobby to find new members. And for existing hobbyists to meet others in far-flung locations.

I’m a long-time vintage vehicle collector. I’ve never owned a modern car and (apart from a Suzuki GT250 when they came out in 1974 just to see what all the fuss was about) have never owned a modern two-wheeler). I’ve always depended on vintage vehicles for daily transport.


However, I’ve now had to accept that old cars are not practical to use on a regular basis. I scratched my A35 Van too often when using it with my motorcycle trailer or towing dolly, so after restoring the Austin, I bought a modern(ish) van to transport my two-wheelers.

Although I only have a relatively small collection, there’s no way I can ride or drive them all. I used to make sure they were all MOT’d and on the road, but as the collection increases that’s now unrealistic. Last year I also realized I can’t take them all to shows; some of the cars don’t come out of their garages more than twice a year. And though I ride many of my motorcycles, scooters and cyclemotors, I tend to only use on a regular basis the ones that are easier to start and less likely to break down! Yet I’m loathe to sell them. These websites are my solution. Now I can share my collection with the world, along with the archive information I have on various vehicles.

There are – or soon will be – plenty websites for those who already own vintage vehicles. So I decided the aim of these online magazines would be to encourage new enthusiasts. If you’d like to join this wonderful hobby for the first time, feel free to get in touch. (You can find my email address/ phone number by rooting around via the various Vintage Links in the sidebar to the right of this site).
I’ll help in any way I can.

Of course, if you’re already an old vehicle nut like me, you’re probably beyond help 🙂

Ride Vintage!


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