Page 15. Remorques, Fulgars, Trailers


…Well, that photo certainly illustrates how times have changed.


After the War, fulgars and remorques were all the rage in France.

…And while in postwar France and England we had to make do with small single-wheel trailers behind our motorcycles to carry our luggage (or children!), over in the USA a motorcycle trailer would be big enough transport 20 ground-crew around the airport



Here are some pictures of my scooter remorque, a rather odd affair, to say the least. I’ve not decided which of my scooters to attach it to yet.

I bought it from an antique shop in Rouen. It’s well-manufactured, but I’m pretty sure it’s home-made.


And here’s my fulgar. It’s designed to pivot on the rear rack pictured in the photo. I bought it recently in Bretagne.



The final word on the subject (for now) is the odd invention seen in the centre of the picture below (review no 6) – a Pitard motorized trailer! It attaches to the rear wheel spindles of a bicycle and drives the rear wheel via a chain. I don’t know if they ever went into production.

The other machines illustrated in the photo are quite obscure, so for the record here they are:

1. Ardent

2. Grandiere (with a Vimer engine)

3. Elvish, with Cucciolo engine: illustrating the horizontal integral petrol tank, rear suspension and telescopic forks.

4. Le Moineau (Mosquito engine)

5. Carley (Carley’s own engine)

7. Scoto (Mosquito engine)

8. Elvish mini-scooter, with Cucciolo engine

9. Colomb (V.L.T. engine), with a 6 litre petrol tank.

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