Page 12. A British Lightweight Prophecy

As soon as WW2 ended, the British motorcycle industry had to contemplate the new era. Lower production costs made 2-strokes a viable market. The 1945 article reproduced below struck a chord, not only because of industry leaders arguing about the merits of German v British 2-strokes, but because vintage 2-strokes are once again finding favour among riders now.

I come across many riders in their sixties giving up their heavyweights for something easier to kickstart (and get onto its main stand). Smaller machines are cheaper to buy and simpler to maintain. We all enjoy looking at faster, bigger bikes, which have always been top of the range. But Lightweights of the 1930’s to 1950’s are the bikes we are increasingly using on a regular basis. So …a British Lightweight Prophecy just as relevant 60 years down the road?


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