Calling all History Teachers


I’m interested in history. But the way it was taught when I was at school was unbelievably boring. I’ve learned so much more through owning vintage vehicles.

You can buy vintage motorcycles with low-capacity engines for quite reasonable prices, so I collected one from each decade from 1900-1970. I love to discover what was going on at the time each was manufactured, and I particularly enjoy hunting for advertising material and articles in period magazines.

Bit by bit I’m uploading information onto my websites to create a database for them. Although popular vintage vehicles are well-catered for on the internet and in print, it can still be hard to find information on rarer models.

For example, the picture above is of a 1935 German Triumph TS 100, with a 98cc Fichtel & Sachs engine. Many enthusiasts don’t know that this famous British motorcycle manufacturer was actually German. It has been interesting researching the build-up to the War from a German viewpoint, through this motorcycle. (In my generation, our families were directly involved in the war, so I’ve always found it a hard subject to study). You can read more about the Triumph on Page 6

Attached to it is a 1932 Fenton Zip sidecar (made in York). This sidecar is the second one that this small company supplied, and is probably the only one still in existence. I’ve uploaded the history of this sidecar on my main website


If any local history teachers read this (Brighton/ Eastbourne area), please get in touch if you’d like me to bring some vintage bikes into your class. I have friends with private collections in other areas of the country who might be willing to do something similar.

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