Vintage Commercial 3-Wheelers: Triporteurs


I’ve always had an affinity for three-wheelers; maybe because my first ‘vehicle’ was a tricycle as a child?

My first car was a Bond Bug, in 1974; I was able to drive it using my motorcycle license. I’ve owned quite a few vintage 3-wheelers since, but this 1920’s Blotto, pictured above, is definitely the most unusual. After its magneto was rebuilt last month, I’m hoping to find time to get it on the road this summer.

Motorized vehicles from the turn of the 20th Century are very expensive. So, to include the Edwardian era in my personal history project, I found a vehicle without an engine (pictured below). It’s a 1905 Alldays commercial tricycle, used by a company that is still in existence, in the Liverpool area.

The French name for this type of vehicle is ‘triporteur.’ Motorized tricycles were, of course, the first cars, and I have dedicated a website to these machines, both the motorized and pedal-powered variety. You can read more about them, and about the famous annual triporteur race by looking at:

I have recently taken on the post of ‘marque specialist’ for commercial 3-wheeler motorcycles for the VMCC (Vintage Motorcycle Club, Great Britain), and I hope to add much more research information to the triporteurs website in due course.


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