Page 20. 1935 Genial-Lucifer m/cycle


1935 Genial Lucifer with a 100cc BMA engine and 2-speed gearbox.


This is a very attractive machine which is extremely rare anywhere in the world.


In the 1930’s motorcycle manufacturers tried to find new markets for their products. Many of the smaller French motorcycles were fitted with pedals to encourage cycle riders to upgrade to a motorcycle.



The gears are selected via a lever on the handlebar ( see the photo above). The machine is quite easy to ride once you get used to it. You can either start it on the stand or by pedalling off. If on the stand, simply hold the decompressor in, put it in 2nd gear and pedal. It soon fires up.

But remember to put it into neutral before you take it off the stand!


UPDATE: 29th May

I was delighted to find a copy today of a 1935 brochure for this Genial-Lucifer. I now know it was called La Motoreinette, and is a Type GZ10.


I couldn’t help noticing that they provide a different model for women and priests, which costs an extra 50 francs. Here’s the complete brochure for 1935


This Lucifer advert shows the address of the main Genial-Lucifer concessionaires, Mestre & Blatge.


And here’s a picture of Avenue de la Grande-Armee, showing Mestre & Blatge’s shop.



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